About The Kid



Dan McNay has purchased millions of dollars worth of computers for USC;

won the staff speed calculator competition at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel;

paddled around Catalina Island with a bunch of Boy Scouts;

sold used and rare books in the French Quarter;

collected blood from unborn calves in a Utah slaughter house;

lectured on Robbe-Grillet;

worked the graveyard shift in Monterey, San Francisco & Tucson hotels (it felt like forever);

owned and ran a cemetery in Illinois;

and played the banjo and sang at the House of Blues-

but not necessarily in that order.

He has written

“It Knows You By No Other Name”

& “The Truth About Treasure Island”

available at Amazon

and has produced his first Offical CD

“Dan McNay, Banjo, Stories”

available at CD-Baby.

He has sung and played banjo all over the LA area for the last several years.








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